Gledhill and Atlantic

Stand 71
Gledhill will be exhibiting it's energy efficient heat pump cylinder range as well it's self regulating Stainless Platinum cylinder. Atlantic will be featuring it's brand new hot water heating range which includes the Calypso Heat Pump Hot Water Heater and the Nanto Under and Above sink water heaters.


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Calypso Heat Pump Water Heater
Calypso Heat Pump Water Heater
The Atlantic Calypso is an energy efficient heat pump hot water heater which has an integrated heat pump system on the top and features a duplex stainless steel tank body engineered by Gledhill which is encased with high grade 63mm insulation offering excellent heat retention and energy efficiency of up to 300% efficiency. Compatible with Atlantic’s CozyTouch control system, the Calypso provides the owner with a greater sense of control and usability allowing the user to control their Calypso from their smart device and monitor their heat pump water heater’s performance in real time. Versatile in its design the Atlantic Calypso has adjustable air inlets which can be used with air ducts to source heat from the external environment or without the air ducts to extract and utilise heat from the surrounding ambient air. Designed with energy efficiency in mind the Calypso heat pump water heater is available in 172L and 210L models and is the perfect solution for new builds and apartments with its A+ ErP rating, compacted design, fast heat up times and extremely quiet heat pump system, the Calypso is the all-in-one energy efficient heat pump water heater you have been waiting for. The Atlantic Calypso has been designed and built to be the perfect solution for: New Build Houses Apartments Small Businesses Private Landlords
Nanto Lite Water Heater
Nanto Lite Water Heater
The Atlantic Nanto is an energy efficient unvented hot water heater engineered with space saving efficiency and energy savings in mind. Designed to provide hot water almost instantly at the point of use, the Nanto lite hot water heater features a 10L diamond quality enamel glass tank and uses magnesium anodes to strengthen the tank’s protection and increase the lifespan by up to 50%. Designed to provide energy savings to the end user, the Atlantic Nanto Lite features a copper immersion heater that is submerged in water offering faster reheat-up times and an A ErP rating. To minimise heat loss and increase the hot water heater’s efficiency the Nanto Lite diamond enamelled tank is surrounded by high density CFC free polyurethane foam insulation to increase the duration of the hot water within the 10L tank. Equipped with an analog dial to quickly adjust the water heater’s temperature and to easily switch between eco and vacation mode with ease. Eco mode heats the hot water to an energy efficient 55°C, offering the user potential energy saving solutions. To reduce energy consumption whilst the owner is on holiday, the Atlantic Nanto Lite has been installed with a vacation mode which drops the water heater’s temperature to 7°C reducing overall energy consumption, improving the water heater’s energy efficiency, and offering energy savings to the household owner. The Nanto Lite is the perfect solution for domestic homes, apartments, small businesses, or light commercial environments and schools.
Nanto Plus Water Heater
Nanto Plus Water Heater
Utilising a modern, sleek cubic design the Nanto Plus provides a luxurious black and white monochrome finish and offers completes versatility to installation whether the Nanto Plus is under or above the bathroom and kitchen sink and provides space saving solutions. The Nanto Plus uses a sleek modern cubic design that contains a diamond quality enamel glass tank which incorporates a magnesium anode to strengthen the tank’s protection and increase the lifespan by up to 50%. Engineered to provide energy saving solutions to the end user, the Atlantic Nanto Plus has a copper heating element which is submerged in the tank offering extremely fast reheat times and an A ErP energy rating. To increase the efficiency of the Atlantic Nanto Plus hot water heater, the diamond enamelled tank is insulated using high density CFC free polyurethane foam which minimises heat loss and increases hot water duration before needing to be reheated. The Nanto Plus features a digital control panel on the front of the electric water heater offering the user complete control. The easy to use digital control panel allows the user to easily adjust the Nanto Plus water temperature or switch between eco, vacation, and boost modes. Eco mode sets the water heater’s temperature to an energy efficient 55°C which maximises the appliance’s energy consumption and passes these potential savings onto the user. The Nanto Plus has been installed with a vacation mode which when turned on will drop the water heater’s temperature to 7°C, reducing the energy consumption while not in use, improving the Nanto Plus's energy efficiency and offering energy savings to the household. Lastly if hot water is in high demand the Atlantic Nanto Plus can be switched into boost mode which allows the water heater to rapidly generate and provide hot water when required. The Atlantic Nanto Plus is the perfect energy saving solution hot water heater for medium sized domestic homes and apartments as well small businesses or light commercial environments like offices, shops, student accommodations and schools.