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Alpha E Tec Hybrid Packaged Heat Pump Solution - An Introduction
Alpha Renewable Product Manager, Dan Wilden, provides a useful introduction to the E-Tec Hybrid Packaged Heat Pump Solution. Combining an E-Tec HB boiler, EHP external heat pump and the dedicated Smartech control, this complete solution offers a great way to transition into renewable heating. Key features: - Instantaneous hot water on demand, no need for stored hot water - Hydrogen blend compatible – capable of running on a blend of up to 20% hydrogen - Anti-Freeze protection without the need of glycol - Always chooses the cheapest fuel source based on current energy tariff - Simple hydronic layout, very easy to install - No need to upgrade existing heating system, minimising install costs
E Tec Hybrid - Your Questions Answered
Dan Wilden, Renewable Product Manager for Alpha answers your frequently asked questions about the E-Tec Hybrid. - How does E-Tec Hybrid differ from a normal heat pump? - How does E-Tec Hybrid help you save money on your energy bills? - Is the E-Tec Hybrid capable of heating larger properties? - What maintenance is required for the E-Tec Hybrid?