Who Attends Audience Breakdown

PHEX provides an opportunity to showcase your brand, demonstrate products and instantly grow your sales pipeline by putting you face-to-face with thousands of heating and plumbing engineers.

Whether you are launching something new or have upgraded an existing product, feedback from plumbing and heating engineers that work in the market every day will help improve your product or service and move you ahead of the competition.

PHEX has continued to draw in the audience due to being an essential event in the calendar, with more than 75% of attendees being involved in the purchasing process. Visitors know that by attending they will gain access to the latest products before anyone else, as well as being able to top up their industry knowledge.

Purchasing Process

75%+ of attendees are involved in purchasing

New Products

94% of attendees visit PHEX for new products

Time Spent

70% of visitors spend three hours+ on site

Return to PHEX

90% of visitors said that they  will return to PHEX